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Izzaty Zulbadli

“Dell is a competitive company with an open culture that encourages every team member to express opinions freely, learn on the go, and gather extensive business knowledge through respectful interactions with inter- and cross-functional teams as well as external clients and partners. Team members are treated like true professionals with the autonomy to manage their own tasks and make decisions. Each day brings new opportunities, challenges and new learning as processes change to meet business demands. Immaculate teamwork is displayed on a constant basis; colleagues are always willing to help to ensure seamless work practices. The company values and promotes out-of-the-box thinking, emphasises a balanced work life, and provides team members with a great place to work. In addition, Dell has a family oriented environment where the management is friendly and team focused. I am very fortunate to work with managers who are very intent on my progress and readily available to help me.
I personally think that Dell is a great place for personal growth. There are always opportunities to develop my career as long as I am willing to learn and to put in the effort to succeed.”

Sofia Muhammad

“Dell is a global company. The ever-changing global marketplace creates opportunities and challenges for us to effectively develop and maintain relationships with our team, partners and customers from various cultures and backgrounds. Our diversity enables us to better understand and comply with the changing needs of our global customers. Furthermore, a diverse workforce creates a working environment that can effectively attract, retain, develop and utilise all team members. My involvement in different employee resource groups such as WISE, Pride and GenNext gives me the opportunity to network with other Dell team members from all over the world. Getting to know people with distinctive passions and interests makes me believe that an individual like me can make a difference and make our work place a cool place to work.”

Nisha Mohamed

“It is important to emphasise gender diversity in the workplace to help our business to succeed. Individuals with broad and extensive experience in their professional and personal lives are most likely to offer unknown yet applicable solutions that are useful in increasing productivity and solving problems. Companies that adopt inclusive culture have better employee retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. Furthermore, engagement and inclusiveness drive results and inspire team members to stay with the organisation, do their best work, and strive to reach their full potential. Dell, as a global organisation, clearly understands this. This is evidenced in Malaysia Wise, an employee resource group that champions the interest of Dell Malaysia’s women team members. It facilitates and drives cultural change by increasing women representation in decision making at various levels in Dell  Malaysia. It also endeavours to deepen its relationship with the APJ
Diversity & Inclusion Council as well as the Global Wise to establish programmes to nurture confidence, professionalism and personal growth amongst women team members.”



Rizwan Romli

“Dell supports and acknowledges every team member who initiates and participates in CSR activities. Every year, the company organises a charity run to raise fund for charities and donate food to support the world hunger awareness programme. As for the green initiatives, the projects include recycling, tree planting and marine conservation.
I have been personally involved in a variety of CSR activities in Dell, such as visits to orphanages and care centres for special children, fund raising projects, marine conservation project in Redang, and the AMCHAM Young Enterprise Programme, which mentors Form 4 students in setting up and managing their own
company and business. Each experience is unique, but the one common takeaway has been that the little things we do can make a big difference to others.”

Clara See

“For the past three years I have participated in many CSR activities at Dell and I feel truly proud that I am part of these projects. I have been involved in mangrove tree planting, mud ball throwing, and beach cleaning activities. We managed to encourage more than 500 Dell team members and their family to turn up on a Saturday morning to participate in the mangrove tree planting event, planting nearly 2,000 mangrove. As for the mud ball throwing, we tossed 2,000 effective microorganism (EM) mud balls into the mud to promote ecological balance.
Recently I participated in a mural painting activity at the Mount Miriam Hospital. The purpose was to brighten up the walls in the waiting room for children diagnosed with cancer. Our HR team members also contributed RM1,500 to the hospital. It was a meaningful event as the HR team contributed for a cause that we all believed in. Dell is never short of CSR activities. On top of that, all of Dell CSR activities are fun and special. Being a part of Dell is just awesome!”

Daphne Lynn Danker

“I have been in Dell for almost two years and am very impressed with the leadership and organisation level commitment on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. Dell doesn’t just contribute to the economic development of the country, but also improves the social wellbeing and quality of life of the local community. Some of the company’s significant CSR programmes include cleaning Gurney Drive, Clean the River Programme, financial and non-financial assistance to homes for the blind like St. Nicholas’ and orphanages. Instead of just donating money, Dell has adopted social services programmes leading to a more effective community service.
I have been helping out in the Lighthouse at Penang Road for nearly three years, a feeding programme that provides meals to the homeless. The kitchen feeds approximately 120 homeless people, comprising beggars and trishaw peddlers each day. To me, giving back to the community requires us to completely step out of our comfort zone. My CSR commitment has given me a different perspective and enabled me to appreciate life. I am glad that Dell promotes CSR as one of its key initiatives.”


In 1984, a pre-med freshman at the University of Texas, Austin, started a new computer business. Fast forward to the present and the Dell name is near ubiquitous in the information technology realm, ranking among the leading companies in the world and industry. According to International Data Corporation’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly PC Tracker for Q3 2012, Dell continues to lead as the number one personal computing brand in the public and large enterprise segment in Malaysia with a 30.5 per cent market share (by units).
“Dell has transformed from being just a hardware company to an end-to-end solutions company, with a broad set of capabilities in services, security, software, enterprise and data centre solutions, as well as end-point devices,” elaborates Dip Kang, Lead Talent acquisition search Asia.
“As businesses look to a single IT solutions provider for their IT needs, Dell’s end-to-end solutions help our customers take advantage of today’s technology trends such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Media and Mobility. We are committed to delivering and adding value to customers by offering new products and solutions.” The company is also focused on growing its enterprise solutions and services capabilities to further strengthen its value proposition for customers. In the past three years, it has made 19 key acquisitions to outpace competitors in this sphere.
In reflection of this, Dell celebrated a record-breaking fourth quarter with double-digit growth in the strategic enterprise solutions and services space, and the largest single-year revenue increase in company history in 2012. “This is a new Dell, and we are much better equipped today to give our customers a clear path to productivityenhancing solutions,” adds Dip Kang.

Culture of Innovation

Dell continues to lead the industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in home, small business and enterprise computing. Dell’s research and development (R&D) efforts now span the globe, driven by some of the industry’s foremost product designers and engineers. “We are always listening to customers to understand their needs and challenges. We gather requirements directly through tens of thousands of customer interactions daily, organised events, social media venues, and customer panels,” explains Dip Kang. With the mission to deliver innovative and costeffective solutions that meet today’s real life customer challenges and work seamlessly in existing environments and with other products, the company forges partnerships with a wide variety of key industry software, hardware and component suppliers that give it a uniquely broad perspective on the computing landscape.
“Dell is uniquely positioned to impact industry trends. We maintain strong internal development capabilities. We partner, rather than compete, with top industry technology suppliers and original design manufacturers. We steer enabling industry standards and technologies through industry groups and strategic partners. In this way, Dell spurs innovation and delivers value to customers.”
As examples of this he cites several powerful, Windows 8-based additions to the PC portfolio, including new tablets, a convertible tablet/ultrabook (XPS 12), and an all-in-one device with touch capability (Inspiron One 23). “Dell remains on the forefront of designing the industry’s best range of PCs to meet the diverse needs of our customers – whether businesses concerned with security and manageability or tech-savvy consumers interested in a new device for both personal and business use.”
In addition, Dip Kang says Dell is the only IT solutions provider offering end-to-end solutions, providing compelling hardware, industry leading services like Dell KACE and Cloud Client (formerly Wyse Cloud Clien Computing), and back-end solutions like the most powerful server, networking and storage solutions, on open, non-proprietary architectures.

Putting people first

Complementing its innovation drive is a emphasis and investment on a people-focused strategy and talent development. “Malaysia is a strategic country for human resources for Dell. Our approach in this market is based on attracting, training and retaining leading-edge talent, which is critical to our success in driving the brand and delivering world-class technology solutions to customers,” says Dip Kang.
The Dell Malaysia University (DMU) initiative, for example, was started to create learning opportunities for talents to be the driving force in the growth and transformation of Dell. DMU offers industry recognised certifications and degrees through collaboration with local and foreign universities and institutes.
The company also conducts several internship and apprenticeship programmes with public and private universities such as the Multimedia University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, INTI International University, as well as public scholarship awards for undergraduates. “We recognise that our biggest asset is our people. Our people help Dell to achieve its goals” says Dip Kang.



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