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Juris Technologies is a Malaysian based enterprise IT solutions company specialising in providing financial management software (loan/financing origination, credit scoring, behavioural scoring and collection and recovery) and CRM solutions.

The company’s name may not ring a bell unless one is in the information technology industry, but its impressive list of high profile clients will certainly be familiar to many. Juris Technologies counts among its clientele the likes of HSBC Bank, Bank Rakyat, OCBC Bank, Citibank, Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional and many more industry leaders. “At Juris Technologies, we are always pursuing excellence in the things that we do. Our software and IT services help our clients to manage and improve on their customer relationships, credit management and operational efficiencies,” says Naaman Lee, Chief Operations Officer of Juris Technologies.
The company’s solutions cover the spectrum of CRM, Financials and Credit management and Contact Centre technologies. “We are constantly pushing the envelope in cutting-edge technology. We develop and use the latest technologies and techniques in information, communications and technology (ICT) for the benefit of our clients and community,” adds Lee.
For example, Juris Technologies is the first in Malaysia to implement the largest web based enterprise WAN application in 2002 for Telekom Malaysia. It was also the first in the country to implement a nationwide portal for agency management, involving thousands of users and 250 collection agencies, the largest in Malaysia; a legal recovery collaborative framework enabling banks to connect to their lawyers via a Wide Area Network, the largest in Malaysia; and to develop a web-based Compliance module for FRS 139/ IAS 39 for banks and other large institutions.
Juris Technologies also scored two notable and impressive firsts when it developed a web-based application server that is used worldwide by customers that include Sony USA, Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon), Danish Civil Aviation Authority and Howell-Oregon Electric, USA, and performed research and development into Artificial Intelligence (AI) for credit and behavioural scoring and successfully commercialised it.
Lee elaborates, “We have been developing webbased applications since 2000 and are constantly building new technologies and solutions. One of our solutions is the Juris Mindcraft, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that is used by our client to predict the behaviour of their customers, even before the customers actually perform the predicted actions. Imagine the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report except that it is real. The solution is currently used by an international bank.” Juris Technologies also recently won the merit award at the 2012 International Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards for Financials Application Category with the Juris Collect collection management software.
“As we are constantly improving and developing better technologies and solutions, we are always on the lookout for fresh graduates who can fit into our environment,” says Lee. He says fresh graduates who are high achievers, vibrant, excited and passionate about the world of IT and the potential that IT can become are always welcomed to join the Juris Technologies’ team.
The company, he says, provides a competitive yet a comfortably healthy environment for people who thirst for excellence.
“The world of IT is an exciting one, and even more so in Juris as it provides a good training ground for developing the individual. As employees, we are not just given technical skills training but also groomed in other aspects of soft skills and communications,” says Andy Chong Hau Yip a Professional Services Engineer. “Contrary to the perception that IT folks just work with the computer day-in and dayout, Juris Technologies has actually given me the chance to be exposed to client management. Most of the time, I liaise with our clients whether faceto-face or in presentations and client training.”
Ryanne Lai, a Professional Services Team Leader adds, “The continuous effort from the management as well as employees makes Juris a better company with better products, just like our desire to always provide the right software. The management always seek feedback from clients and also employees in order to constantly improve more.” Lee’s invitation to fresh graduates is simply this, “Come join Juris Technologies to pursue excellence and discover the tremendous potential that you have in you.”


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